15 Amazing benefits of dates(khajoor) & Uses

benefits of dates
benefits of dates

Widely known as date palm or “khajoor” in India is probably the sweetest fruit which are widely consumed as dry have a lot health benefits. However, fresh dates are also available from august to September. The amazing benefits of dates are what make it important & prescribed in Quran as well. Medjool & Ajwa are the best varieties of dates.

Nutritional Facts:

Dates are very rich in vitamins & minerals which are beneficial for our body. Dates are especially rich in Vitamin A, k & B6 which aids in improving eye health & bone development. Apart from vitamins & minerals dates are also rich in manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, protein, sulfur & copper which help in improving overall body functions. Dates also contain thiamin which is helpful in improving nervous system, riboflavin which helps in energy production & niacin which maintains body cholesterol.

Amazing Benefits of Dates to our body:

  • Removes sexual weakness:

As per many studies done, dates have proved to increase sexual stamina. Estradiol & flavonoid present in dates helps in increasing sperm count and motility in men. You can prepare your own tonic by soaking 5-7 dates overnight in goat/cow/buffalo milk and take it in the morning with cardamom & honey. You can have this tonic by grinding the mixture or just eating it all. It’s a natural aphrodisiac for people suffering from sexual problems.

  • Improves Nervous system health:

Potassium & vitamins present in dates help in improving the nervous system health like increased alertness & speed of brain activity. As we age, regular consumption of dates helps us decreasing the risk of Alzheimer & other neurodegenerative diseases in older people as per many studies (1) (2)

  • Increases bone strength:

There is a reason why dates are considered superfoods. Richness of various minerals like manganese, copper, selenium etc in dates helps in giving boost to your bones & makes them powerful. A report by north Dakota state university says dates contain boron which keeps our bones healthy.(3)

benefits of dates
benefits of dates
  • Cures constipation:

The highly soluble fiber content in promotes healthy bowel movement which helps in curing constipation. As per a study, dates aid in treating gastrointestinal disease & constipation.(4)  In order to get the best result, soak 5-7 dates overnight in water and drink/eat the liquid and dates in the morning.

benefits of dates
benefits of dates
  • Treat Anemia :

High level of iron in dates make them ideal dietary supplement for people suffering from anemia. Dates keep us energetic & increases strength.

benefits of dates

  • Help in reducing belly fat:

Again all the credit goes to highly soluble fiber content in dates that helps in proper digestive function & reducing belly fat.

  • Helps in gaining weight:

If you are skinny & looking for food items that can help you in gaining weight then you should definitely consider adding dates to your meal plan because they are high on carbs & many nutrients that help in increasing your weight & muscle development.

  • Helps in Anti Ageing:

Vitamin C & D present in dates helps in maintaining the skin elasticity & fights skin problems. Date will prevent accumulation of melanin in your body which will make you younger  than others.

  • Prevents hair loss & increases hair growth:

Richness of iron in dates helps in good circulation of blood in scalp which increases hair growth because oxygen is properly available to your whole body including your scalp.

benefits of dates

  • Healthy pregnancy:

Dates are very rich in nutrients and are not as high calorie as pregnant women choose to have during their pregnancy period. The right strategy for pregnant women should be to intake food items that are high in nutrients & low in calories. Date help in strengthening uterus muscles of pregnant women in their last months of pregnancy.

  • Energy Booster:

Do you know many marathon runners consume dates before running?? Well, It is because dates are high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose & sucrose which makes it a ideal snack for them. So, you can consume dates pre workout or in between to boost energy.

  • Support heart health:

Various antioxidants present in dates helps in preventing arteries getting hard or clogged with plaque. Also, dates helps in removing bad cholesterol from our body thus making our heart healthy.

  • Normalize blood pressure:

Fiber, potassium & magnesium helps in stabilizing sugar levels of our body, relaxing heart & blood vessel muscles which helps in normalizing our blood pressure.

  • Prevents colon cancer:

Regular consumption of dates can help in preventing development of colon cancer because dates consumption increases growth of helpful bacteria for our gut which will help in maintaining colon health.

  • Prevent night blindness:

Due to richness of vitamin A in dates, it makes it a winning fighter in combating night blindness. You can also eat date palm leaves or put a paste on eyes to prevent night blindness.

How to eat dates:

  • You can eat the dates as they are & enjoy the amazing taste.

  • Snacking dates with dry fruits like almonds, cashew & walnuts makes an amazing snack which you can consume at the breakfast or during the day.

  • I would recommend taking dates at night with a glass of milk for more power.

  • It is highly suggested that you soak dates in water/milk overnight & have them with cardamom & honey to have great benefits of dates.

Side – effects of dates:

  • Dates are unhealthy for infants as they are thick & hard to digest for kids.

  • Consuming too much dates can cause stomach gas due to high fructose content.

  • Due to high fiber content & body’s sensitivity to sulfite consuming too much dates can cause stomach pain, bloating or diarrhea.

So people add this superfood to your meal list & enjoy amazing benefits of dates.


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