7 reasons why everyone should fast on navratri to be fit in winters

navratri fast benefits
navratri fast benefits


For those who don’t know navratri. It is a 9 day religious fast done by Hindu’s in India usually in the mid or end of September.In navratra fast people stop eating onions, non vegetarian food, quit alcohol, soda, normal salt etc to devote & to be pure for goddess durga.

But I urge people from every community & religion should incorporate fast during navratri’s because navratri fast benefits are tremendous like:

Season change: This is a period when we are entering the winter season and we are most vulnerable to get caught by viral fever, cough & cold, dengue, malaria & many other diseases. So, if you keep yourself safe by adopting a healthy lifestyle then it would help you in fighting the season’s diseases.

Weight loss: Those looking for weight loss should surely try navratri fast as it will help them in losing weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Increase appetite & metabolism: If you feel your metabolism has weaken by excessive use of alcohol or unhealthy lifestyle or if you want to strengthen your metabolism then you should definitely try navratri fast because during this time you will consume only healthy & healing food items which will boost & repair your physical health.

Increases concentration & clarity in thoughts:  It has been proven & you can experience this too that if you consume food in limited quantity then your brain focuses more & you can manage your routine life much much better than when your stomach is full. A full stomach or overeating affects concentration problem. It makes you lazy, always hungry & bored but doing fast will do just the opposite.

Purifies body: It is well known that if you adopt an healthy lifestyle then your body gets purified & it’s like a rebirth in just 9 days. Now, who wouldn’t want to try this to get navratra fasting benefits?

Cures Bloating & constipation: Just remember, when you are doing fasts, double your water intake (drink at least 7 litres a day) for 9 days & you can see the magic happening yourself.

Eliminates boredom & laziness: I have personally realized this that once you are on fast then after a few days you don’t feel as bored/lazy as you used to. Fasts make you proactive dramatically. You get fully charged throughout the day. You have so much energy that you feel like on the top of the world which is great.

What to eat during navratri fast to get maximum benefits:

Beverages: Coconut water, green tea, butter milk, lemon water, honey

Food Items: Potato, sabudana, kuttu atta, samak rice, almonds, makhana, Fruits

What to avoid during navratri fast to detoxify: Ban sugar, cereals, onion, garlic, mushroom, leeks, shallots, salt(you can use rock salt in small quantity)

Effective tips:

  • Drink at least 5-8 litrs of water every day.

  • Instead of taking heavy breakfast, lunch or dinner divide your meal intake into 5 times a day.

  • Take 2:1 ratio of liquid vs solid

  • Skip dinner




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