The Ancient art of Smudging: Usage & Benefits

benefits of smudging

Smudging is practice of burning bundle of herbs to release aromatic fumes to purify an object, person and place. From the age old tradition of North American to across the world, smudging has been used as part and parcel of our life. The name may vary from culture to culture but its usage is spread across the world like:

Some enjoy the aroma to purify and heal a ceremony while others do it to repel evil influence.

It is believed that, the smoke release from the bundle of herbs is so relaxing that it acts as an anti-depression and helps in releasing mental and physical stress of all types.

Not only this, it also helps in reducing the negativity in the home or work place. We all know that electronic like refrigerator, Television in our home release positive ions which is contradictory to the negative ions release by smudging. In this way negative energy is converted into positive energy and there by one can feel the lightness in the air.

Usage & care

Smudging is an age old tradition. where in, it is burnt in different style all together. While burning it is kept above the belly button to show respect to this heavenly practice.

Smudging is done after taking holy bath in the morning, again to give respect to this godly affair.

While doing, one must do it slowly and gradually and move to each and every corner of the home, inside the wardrobe to all hidden corners of the house. so that, the herbal fumes reach  from all way around. While practicing this, one can also experience the meditational effect of the herbs which is itself heavenly in nature and beautiful to experience.


Readers, if you have not experienced this herbal magic yet, experience it soon. You may find smudging sticks at your nearby herbal/ Ayurvedic store or may login to Amazon based on your convenience.


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