Benefits of these Yoga postures during pregnancy

benefits & Yoga poses during pregnancy
benefits & Yoga poses during pregnancy

Please note: Practice yoga under an experienced trainer and make sure to brief him about your pregnancy to avoid any potential physical strain or harm. 

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has various benefits. Listed are some of the key benefits you would be getting when you decide to practice yoga during your pregnancy:

Your body gets more support

During pregnancy, it is important that your body has strength. And Yoga helps you in achieving it. Yoga is all about practice and practicing the right postures. Once you get well versed with the postures, it begins to help your body to build a strong support.

Gets you to prepare for labor pain and delivery.

The muscles and tissues need to strengthen and get prepared before a mother delivers a baby. The right set of exercises repairs the dead cells and makes the system internally strong for the delivery.

Builds a connection between you and your baby.

Yoga teaches the right way of inhaling and exhaling. The air that you breathe in and out will reach your baby and will help you and your baby to build a connect even before the baby takes birth.

Also helps in post-delivery days.

Yoga will help you get back in the right shape once again, post delivery. Women gain weight during their pregnancy. Post pregnancy, often women spend time resorting to diet for weight loss. However, after delivery, a woman needs more nutrition than otherwise. Choosing yoga instead of diet will prove to be more beneficial as it will not only keep the nutrition level but will also help in reducing the excess weight. 

Makes your mind and body healthy.

Yoga is the amalgamation of the mind, body, and soul. With yoga, you’ll experience a calmer mind, a stronger body, and a happy soul.

Lower abdominal pain.

Pregnant women witness cramps in their first trimester which is a common symptom. Yoga helps in treating the abdominal pain. However, make sure you consult the doctor if the cramping persists or is excessive. 

Helps in treating nausea

Yoga initiates the right process of blood circulation in the body and hence, makes the respiratory system work more efficiently. It helps in getting rid of toxins and dealing with nausea.

Helps in reducing swelling.

Swelling is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience swollen feet and hands and this makes a lot of things uncomfortable; especially as the due date approaches. Using yoga postures, a remarkable reduction is seen in the swelling.

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, let’s see the best postures to practice. 


Best yoga postures to practice during pregnancy-

The right postures to adopt for a person to practice depends on the purpose. It is highly recommended to not practice any asana without a trained supervisor. Since Yoga helps in regulating the blood flow to the baby, it increases its nourishment as well. Make a note of the postures that you, as a pregnant lady can adopt and practice with your supervisor.

  1. Taadasanaa

 While Taadasanaa helps in increasing the strength of the knees and ankles, it will also help in the efficient functioning of the internal organs. It also makes the spine more flexible. It is very beneficial for pregnant women. 

  1. VirbhadasanaVirbhadasana

  Like you can see in the image, it is an easy yet difficult pose. This posture is also known as ‘the warrior pose’. This asana helps in increasing stamina. Though it is majorly used for treating frozen shoulders, it also strengthens arms and legs. It is one of the best yoga asanas for pregnant women. 

  1. TrikonasanaTrikonasana

While this will require extra help from the instructor, especially if you’ve moved to the third trimester, it will stimulate the functioning of blood in the entire body. It reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure which is a common phenomenon in pregnant women. It also helps with indigestion.

  1. Uttanasana

While yoga for pregnant women in any way is beneficial, this asana stretches hips and calves. It helps in maintaining the posture of the body. It relieves tension in the spine and neck. However, when otherwise used, it helps in treating asthma, and insomnia.

  1. Marjariasana (Cat Stretch)

Marjariasana is one of the best yoga poses for pregnant women. Ensure you practice under supervision. This asana relaxes reproductive organs and abdomen muscles. It also helps in the flexibility of spine and legs.

  1. Bhadrasana

Performing this yoga asana during pregnancy helps in proper functioning of urinary tract, liver, and kidneys. It mobilizes a proper distribution of weights in the body. It helps in maintaining the body posture.

  1. Vakrasana

This yoga asana is beneficial for diabetic people as well. It helps in reducing belly fat. It also helps in secretion of stomach acids.

  1. Paryankasana

This asana helps in opening of lungs and closed pores of the body. In a way, it is pranayama. It stimulates breathing. It is one of the best yoga asanas for patients with thyroid.

  1. ParvatasanaParvatasana

This asana will help you to reduce mental fatigue. While it is used to sharpen memory, it also synthesizes the growth hormone. If you feel too sleepy, then this asana is for you.

  1. Yastikasana

This asana helps in losing body fat. It manages the pain as well. It also helps in increasing height and relaxing the abdominal. 

These asanas are not only practiced by pregnant women, but also by other people. However, these asanas can help pregnant women in achieving wonderful stamina and strength. If you are a pregnant woman and are looking forward to practicing these asanas, make sure you have a supervisor and also make sure you go really slow. There are no hard rules to follow and do not strain yourself. If you find any asana uncomfortable or too difficult to perform, stop it. It is adviced not to practice asanas which involve lying on your back completely.

Foods to eat before Yoga

Please note, these are mere recommendations. Take your doctor’s advice before sticking to any plan.

Yoga is usually practiced on an empty stomach. However, it may not always be possible for you to have an empty stomach. Make sure you eat light food and not to hard-to-digest food before your session. It is recommended to have anything 30 minutes prior to your yoga session.

  •         Lime juice
  •         A bowl of fresh yogurt
  •         A bowl of fresh fruits
  •         Half a glass of milk
  •         Lukewarm water with some honey mixed into it
  •         A banana 
  •         A handful of nuts 

Foods to eat after Yoga

Again, these are mere recommendations. Consult your doctor for a perfect plan.

  •         A veggie sandwich
  •         Some oat with milk 
  •         Green tea
  •         Boiled eggs
  •         Vegetable soup
  •         2-3 glasses of fresh water
  •         Fruit juice-freshly stained out in home


Working out strengthens your body. A good instructor is recommended with utmost care of your health. Eating healthy food rich in protein and carbs is essential. Make sure you do not rush and do everything as gently as possible. Yoga is a proven science of over 500 years and will do no harm or have side effects, as far as you do it in the right manner. A 40-60 minute workout is ideal, however, check with your doctor before taking any decisions. If you choose Yoga, practice it in the morning since it will benefit you more during the waking hours than in the evening.



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