Follow the simple tips to get rid of that extra fat after marriage now

post marital flab

The most precious day of your life is over and you’re very happy that everything happened as per your plan. You also looked quite spectacular in your wedding dress and the pictures were taken have revealed that you simply looked fabulous. And, of course, you looked great because you worked so hard to make your body slim and trim to get in the perfect shape for your wedding. But as soon as your wedding is over, you again started feeling your old normal state, you became lazy and lost all that looks and tone of the body once you quit working out daily. if that is your case, then you can look at the following points which will help get rid of that extra fat and you will regain perfect shape and stay absolutely fit after the marriage.

healthy food

  1. Cook healthy and low-calorie meals

A great quality that you won’t find in any other wives around the world is that the Indian wives love to cook and shows love to their husbands. Well, you can also do that same thing, by cooking some healthy low-calorie food and dishes. You can say goodbye to the fatty dishes or you can keep them aside for the weekends and of course for your special occasions. Low-calorie food is now of good taste and you also get easy recipes from the internet to cook. Also, you can use olive oil instead of regular mustard or soy oil, because it contains a lot of anti-oxidants that can help you in getting rid of the toxins from your body that causes to grow fats in the abdomen area.

healthy food items

  1. Stock your fridge with healthy and good food

If you’re living with your family, and you’re both working, then you can keep your fridge securely stocked with lots of healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of those fatty junkyards that create the unhealthy fats at belly region of your body. So, eat healthy foods and avoid fried snacks.


  1. Plan out activities

Most us spend a good time with their spouse by having good food, or watching movies in the theatre or going to a romantic date with a late-night dinner or also watching tv with a bowl of snacks. If you want to stay healthy, you need to break this pattern. Get yourself to a gym or yoga class, plan different activities and work out together with your spouse.


  1. Engage yourself in workout

If you really want to lose that extra fat, you need to give yourself extra forty minutes from the day to work out. If you are unable to make a plan, then work out on alternate days. When you’ve holidays, try completing your workout routines even if it is less than half the time fixed. On the weekends, you can finish your workout as early as possible, so that you can spend the time with your spouse. It would be far better if you engage your spouse with the workout activities so that you two can spend a quality time together.

  1. Don’t feel insecure

Almost all of the couples have relationship issues- quarrels, frustration and insecurities being the part of it and it gets even more complex if they are avoiding each other- not talking with each other. Fights between the couples prompt the men to drink and women find peace in eating chocolates, candies, and high-fat foods. You can certainly avoid the situation by expressing your deepest feeling and resolve such unwanted issue by making proper communication.

  1. Always stay active and motivated to fitness

Make a concentrated effort to stay in the best shape, with making fitness as your innermost priority. You can stay motivated by chalking out the certain parties, presentations, and functions you need to attend in the forthcoming days. You would absolutely want to look the best on these great occasions. So, keeping this in mind, try to avoid eating fried and sugary foods.

  1. Keep your healthy lifestyle alive

Keep that spark alive in your after marriage relationship and try to stay as healthy as you can. After having your dining and wining, it may find that romance go-to, but to stay fit and active, you need to be active also. you can learn several new types of activities such as joining a dance class, yoga to keep you active and healthy. This can also help you keep your energy level to the utmost level and encourage a better bonding between you and your spouse.

One of the prime reasons that the couple attains more weight, that they become lazy after their marriage. If your spouse is watching TV with a big bowl of snacks, then it will become obvious for you to join him. Enjoying the moment with your spouse in the couch is certainly a great moment for you and your spouse, but it can make both of you crazy lazy and helps in gaining more and more fats in your belly. So, get off that idea make your body move. In that way you and spouse, both can enjoy quality time and also you two can keep your body fit and healthy.


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