Getting kids to eat the right healthy food

Getting kids to eat the right healthy food

Getting kids to eat the right healthy food is the most complicated and daunting task these days. You as a mother, may find yourself running after your kid spontaneously for him to have the meal. You may see his happy face with a burger in your hand or those spicy schezwan noodles but feeding him with spinach or a daal may turn down his mood and you see a bad expression.

We find mothers running to different dieticians and nutritionists for a healthy balanced diet and suggestions so as to which food to feed their children with?

We, of course want the emotional development, the intellectual development and what not for our kids? The fact is we need to focus on every area for an overall child development. There are different diet plans and basic ingredients that doctors suggest right after the birth of young ones.

There are six things or I should say 6 main ingredients that you need to add to your kids meal

Getting kids to eat the right healthy food

  1.       Carbohydrates

Our primary class science textbooks defined the importance of carbs in those food chapters in a full-fledged way. We need to memorise it again.

  •         If carbohydrates won’t be there; there will be no macro nutrient.
  •         They are not just simply sugar made complex substances but also helps to provide energy between each and every cell.
  •         Don’t reduce the intake of carbs from your child’s meal on the account of its low usage for weight loss that is not required for a kid. That is just required for a grown up adult.

Anything that is cooked in two to three minutes or readily made in the market is not healthy or trustable as far as major nutrients are considered. We see oats, that are just cooked for 2-3 minutes and we feel that we are giving a healthy breakfast to our child. But I am sorry ladies that ain’t true. Highly processed that’s why instant oats. Whole grain is all about the food which is fully cooked.

  1.       Source of protein
  •         Remember the body building nutrient in those textbooks? Well that was protein!
  •         Without protein your child cannot grow. Notify, that every meal should have these macro nutrients in your child’s diet.
  •         There should be a proportion of carbs, whole grains and proteins. Carbs is equally important with protein as protein won’t break down without carbs.

milk for kids

  1.       Love for Dairy products

Don’t go for pasteurized milk packets. Animal milk is the only trusted source of dairy products. If you can get something say buffalo milk or cow milk freshly taken out from farms then there is nothing better than this.

nuts and seeds for kids

  1.       Combination of nuts and seeds
  •         Soaked seeds and unsalted nuts are the best for growth and development.
  •         Nuts and seeds are something that should definitely be handy enough to feed them with.
  •         You can feed them nuts and seeds as an evening snack or before sleep. But do give them at least once a day.
  •         It will help them in regaining the weaken immune system.
  1.       Vegetables and seeds
  •         Don’t go for imported or so called “organic” vegetables.
  •         Go for raw vegetables or something that can be peeled. For examples, say potato which constitutes of high potassium or carrot or beetroot.
  •         Stay fresh! Don’t go for imported blueberries or anything that has polished and a fine look.
  •         Be aware of the seasonal vegetables and fruits. The nature has provided us with some amazing seasonal fruits and it knows how to feed us so don’t go for non-seasonal fruits.

water for kids

  1.      Water
  •         Too many children drink very small quantity of water.
  •         Even 1% lower intake of water will slow down the child’s development. This may be the major reason for all the sinus and asthma problems among children.
  •         It promotes a healthy immune system.

All in all, don’t go for

  1.       Pastas– either white sauce or red sauce. Because they are not at all healthy. There are no vegetables and totally miss the major nutrients.
  2.      Imported fruits and vegetables – Most of them are highly injected. Again, note the point go for seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  3.       Avoid processed sugar sweets – Go for home-made food sweets made out of jaggery, unheated honey or smoothies instead of all the fruit juice packs or cold drinks.
  4.       Unrefined oils and cold pressed oils must be avoided and go for the rock salt because that’s a wholesome for the diet.

If you truly care for your children then learn to say no to these things as it may cause a problem in near future. Don’t make them addict to any such stuff. If you will consume all the wrong food then your children are ultimately going to follow your footsteps. Give them wholly cooked and proportionately healthy food. You have to make them addict of all the healthy meals. You have to prepare yourself first for these major nutrients then only you will learn how to feed your children accordingly.



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