How to clean down there & why

how to clean down there

In this era of glamour and fashion we are running towards revolution. Gone were the days when pubic hairs become yukee??? The fashionable pubies are smooth and shiny like a barbie’s bit.

With growing demand and preferences of being clean and hygienic down there, I would like to share a few convenient & proven methods on how to clean down there:-

Shaving: Easy to clean, frequent hair growth, chances of  developing razor bumps and cuts.

Waxing: Easy to clean, slightly painful as compared to shaving, clean feeling for a month, chances of wax bumps.

Hair removal cream: Easy to apply, clean feeling for 15 days, no cuts or wound, vaginal tanning.

Laser: time taking process depending upon hair growth, longer relief, chances of allergy.

“Now the question arises, why do so many women leave the menstrual pubis looking like a sore plucked chicken?  59% says they do it for hygiene purpose, while 20% do it to keep their partners oohh! there. It’s not only women who prefer to be clean down there, men equally wanted to be sexually attractive.”

On the contrary I would like to share some great benefits of being natural which will help you on how to stay fresh down there all day:

  • Pubic hairs keep infection and allergy at bay.
  • It also helps in maintaining body temperature and keeps oneself warm during cold weather condition.
  • As per researchers, it’s the sweat of partner which turns them on. This leads many perfume manufacturers to come up with a tint of human sweat. Now, being natural there helps sweating, and helps partner to turn on.
  • Ladies don’t come in the fad of being shiny and sexually attractive. Talk to your partner and enjoy safe and healthy sex life. The best way to keep yourself hygienic during periods is to trim your pubic hairs up to 0.5 inches this will make you feel hygienic and keeps you at bay from unwanted predicament.

So, Now that you know how to clean down there yourself, apply these things and stay hygienic.



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