How to be fit – A step by step guide from being unfit to fit:

how to be fit

Admit it!! We live in a hectic, busy life where we keep running to achieve our ambitions, needs & wants. But what we forget in all this is that the longer you ignore your health the faster you will lose your effectiveness & hence, you will have a drastically low mileage in achieving your goals of life. On the other hand, It has been proved & tested that if you keep yourself healthy then your sense of taste, smell & everything is better. Below are the steps to tell you how to be fit.

If you feel you should be in a better shape of mind & body then follow the following steps (there are mere some changes in your life) to become better:

Nutrition: Just make few changes you daily food intake like

  • Make it a habit to drink at least 2 liters of water after waking up & don’t consume anything an hour post drinking water.

  • Double your breakfast & add more protein intake in your breakfast.

  • Try & consume seasonal fruits in between breakfast & lunch. Also make sure you eat something citrus for eg. Amla, orange, Lemon etc before evening.

  • Post lunch & before dinner try healthy snacking like dry fruits, sprouted grams/chana

  • Cut your dinner by half & try to include milk in your dinner.

Lifestyle: Following are some lifestyle changes that will transform you

  • Try and increase water intake & minimize cold drinks

  • Trash the Junk food, replace junk with healthy foods

  • Make it a habit to not consume water/any drink one hour before or after any meal

  • Never consume anything too hot or too cold.

Exercise: I am not saying that you should start hitting the gym or join some yoga classes. Just promise yourself that you will start to move your body for at least 15 minutes continuously the way you want it (by doing yoga, gym, cardio, running, rope or anything) and then you can scale it if you like. However I would recommend following things on how to be fit:

  • Start by some warm-up exercises for whole body for five minutes

  • Do pushups for 2 minutes, squats for 1 minute & planks for two minutes(Planks are a must)

  • Sit & try to meditate by chanting OM for 5 minutes.

Note: Try & do variations of exercises. Be creative with exercises to avoid making them boring.



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