How to detox your love tunnel/genitals

How to detox your love tunnel or genitals

It seems everybody is busy doing “Detox” or “Internal Cleansing” by following toxin removing diets or by undergoing Panchkarma treatment under the supervision of experts which is undoubtedly a good idea but have you ever realized that the most important part of the body is left untouched?? How come the detox is complete without bringing smile to your vertical smile?? Unfortunately, the personal part of the body is left untouched in the panchkarma/other detoxification processes because of personal reasons hence, it needs special attention & care.

All of us know that our vajeyanti(vagina) detoxifies itself during the menstrual cycle but giving it a herbal cleanse is not a bad idea after all its all about feeling great from inside. Above this, menopause women can extract greater benefits from this exercise as their body stops the self cleansing process after reaching a certain age.

Process of love tunnel detox:

  1. Have three teaspoon of “Desi ghee” mixed in a glass of warm milk in the morning before sunrise empty stomach on the First Day. Make sure you take pure “Cow Ghee”.
  2. Do not eat anything by the time you actually feel hungry.
  3. Have only light food like khichdi, “Dal soup” etc which can be digested in less than 3 hours time. Do this on day one.
  4. One second day get up early and do “abhyang” (massage) for 30 mins. Make sure you focus on love tunnel while doing full body massage.
  5. After abhyang(full body massage) immediately go for sneh swandan( steaming of private parts of the body).
  6. Now some preparation before sneh swandan( steaming of private parts of the body) – prepare a mixture of equal parts of rosemary leaves, lavender, oregano, basil, rose petal, marigold leaves & chamomile leaves. Add few drops of jojoba oil one gallon of water. Convert all this into steam.
  7. Sit over the bowl on a slatted chair without undergarments. Use a towel to create a lent over the bowl & steam your private parts for half an hour.

vagina steam

Tips for Vaginal steaming/ sneh swadan:

  • Best time for sneh swadan is after periods and is discouraged during menstrual cycle.
  • Do not go for vaginal steaming if you are expecting/pregnant.
  • Make sure you take steam far distance so that you don’t burn yourself.
  • Don’t add any bitter herbs in the water as it may make you uncomfortable by burning through your tunnel.

healthy vagina

Benefits of genital detoxification:

  • Genital detoxification helps in removing toxins from your genitals.
  • Massaging the female labia/curtains, vulva makes you feel good & helps in secreting happy hormones.
  • Genital detoxification will make you feel cleaner from inside.
  • It will help your private parts in preventing STD’s & other genital diseases.


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