How to run a Full Marathon in just 10 days


Many people have “to run a marathon” in the life goal’s bucket list but doing so with just 10 days of preparation is one hell of a adrenaline thumping task. Well, It’s my personal experience and I am sharing all the tips & preparations I did to run a marathon in just 10 days.  A full marathon is 42.1 kms & I had never run for more than 10 kms but I did it.  Below are some of the pre – requisites of whether you should try this or not:

  • You should not be Physically & mentally not more than 45 years old & not less than 16 years old

  • You should not be out of shape if you do exercises/jogging/running once or twice a week then you can do it.

  • You have to be more mentally strong than physically.

Below is the detail as to how I started to prepare for the Full marathon in just 10 days:

Increase your carbohydrates & protein intake because during running your body will consume calories & carbs will be the main source. So start eating lots of Cookies, Breads, whole grains & candies for carbohydrates & protein will help in repairing and building your tissues but don’t take too much of protein as it might hamper your performance.

Day 1: Wake up in the morning at 5:30. Mix up pouch coffee (No sugar) in water & drink it(You can have anything like two bananas or two bread pieces or Gatorade or anything that suits you). Go for running for continuous 25 minutes & not calculating the distance because first focus should be on covering the time but you can’t walk or brisk walk. After 24 minutes the last minute should be a sprint run. Walk backwards for a minute to calm down. Do some stretching for about 10 minutes & head home. Post run I take two bananas & half liters of milk(You can have whey protein if it’s available, it’s very helpful).

In the evening, my legs started to feel the pain but I managed to run for about 15 minutes & had half liters of milk post run. Double your carbohydrate & increase your protein intake from today.

Day 2: Run for 35 minutes & then cool down by walking backwards. Do stretching for about 15 minutes. Take carbs & protein rich diet/drink post run.

In the evening, Push yourself harder to go & run for 20 minutes continuously & then relax.

Days 3: This is a hard day for you as you will feel the most pain today but you have to push yourself today. Remember if you run today successfully then you have a good chance that you will complete the marathon on the big day. Run for 45 minutes continuously & then cool down by walking backwards. Stretch for 15 minutes.

No running in the evening. The evening run was deliberately put in the first two days so that the body gets healed & muscles get used to running.

Day 4: Run for 50 minutes, the last one minute should be a sprint run, then cool down by jogging backwards. Stretch for 15 minutes. Start taking electrolytes/glucose from today at the end of the run.

Day 5: Run for 60 minutes today but keep changing the speed and you can’t stop in between. Keep running continuously. Cool down by jogging backwards. Stretch for 15 minutes.

Days 6: Run for 30 minutes but increase your speed. Cool down by jogging backwards. Do three sets of sprint run for a minute. Stretch for 15 minutes.

Day 7: Rest day. Go for a jogging for 15 minutes in the evening or morning but make sure you do the stretching properly.

Day 8: Run for 75 minutes continuously. Cool down by jogging backwards. Stretch for 15 minutes.

Day 9: Run for 50 minutes continuously & cool down by walking backwards. Stretch for 15 minutes.

Day 10: Rest Day. Do good stretching & relax whole day. Keep thinking about the run & the energy. Double your protein & increase carbohydrates.

Night before Run:  Take good amount of carbohydrates in the form of breads, whole grains & sleep before 10 anyhow. Don’t take it in too much excess because it might create gas/constipation problems. I would suggest sleeping at 9:30 for a 5:00 am run.

2-3 hours before run: Wake up 2 hours before run. Eat bananas or breads, whichever suits you before a run. An hour before run take whatever you used to take during your practice. Don’t try to be experimental. 10 minutes before run you can try small amount of juice. I would like to share a secret that I tried & it worked perfectly for me. Dip 4-6 strands of saffron a night before run & drink it 10 minutes before run.

During the run: Don’t try to eat or drink anything before 60 minutes of run & keep yourself in top 50 runners. Do take something after an hour of running but not too much. Keep thinking about the journey as to how beautiful it is & how proud you will be when you will finish your first marathon. After 2 hours of run start looking at older people & women. Motivate yourself by saying that if these older men & women can do it why can’t I or find a hot runner & keep running besides her or you can start listening to a good song.

It gets bloody difficult after 3-3:30 hours of running. So keep yourself motivated by thinking about the victory or a hot girl/boy you always wanted to date or play some good music or embracing the scenic view or start singing any song.

After 4 – 4:30 hours you will be completely tired & will be on the verge on quitting. This is where your brain will start playing. At this time just think about how you worked hard for 3-4 hours & hoe it could all go to waste if you quit or stop running. Also, If you feel impossible to run then start brisk walking & then run fast & keep doing it until its finished.

This was my personal experience. I must say it’s difficult but not difficult than your will to complete the marathon. Keep a Just do it attitude & it will be done.


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