Know health benefits of roses you never knew

rose benefits, rose tea
rose benefits

Your beloved rose proves to have beauty benefits too!

Rose has always been the best medium of expressing your love to your loved ones on almost every occasion.  Whether a birthday party, Valentine Day, or an anniversary treat, a bouquet of beautiful red roses is enough to make her day and see the gorgeous smile on her face.

Ever thought of a rose for relishing your beauty out of the box? Maybe Yes or maybe No?

Our favourite flower doesn’t only saves us on a party with its aromatic fragrance but also has numerous benefit for our skin and beauty.

What happens when you eat rose petals? Seems awkward or are you thinking about its taste?

Garnishing the best salads

Rose petals are often used in kitchen for adding flavours in different sweet dishes. Indian moms often use it Kheer. While some top chefs also use rose petals for garnishing salads and dishes too. Not only it adds an aroma to the dish but also gives a blush pink natural colour.

Highly preferable for skin care routine

Beauty products made out of roses are highly preferred for skin care regime as it suits almost every skin type and gives a glowing effect every time you use them. It acts as toner, cleanser and moisturizer for Indian skin.

Helps in blood circulation

Roses tend to have properties of boosting natural blood in our body and thus improves blood circulation throughout

Acts as a pain relief

Roses tend to have healing properties and thus rosemary oils are used to treat certain injuries and also treats eczema- a skin disease that causes inflammation in the skin.

Relax in luxury

People around the world buy expensive rose perfumes. Instead spending money, one can add rose petals to his/her bathtub and can have a relishing bathe with the amazing fragrance of rose. This will add natural fragrance to your body and will last all day long.

Nutritional benefits of roses

  • Roses extract as precious of an oil, which can be as expensive as gold. The species of rose found almost 30 years ago has nutritional and medicinal benefits.

  • Its aroma has healing properties and used for relaxing and spa.

  • Dried rose petals are used for making gulkand, an Indian sweet relished for its taste also known as rose petal jelly.

  • Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A are found in roses. Rose petals have terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids which have various health benefits.

How to identify the right kind of roses?

Home grown roses under the guidance of a good maali, are probably the best one. There are various methods adopted around the globe for growing roses. One can go for the easiest method which is the most suitable and convenient. Roses which we find on flower shops packed in colourful nets are generally chemical driven. It may not yield the best results one wishes for. Though the people who sell these roses promise their originality but that’s not true. Grow a rose plant today at your home and avail the benefits of natural rose.

Beauty Benefits of roses:

Gulab-jal or Rosewater

Beauticians around the world suggest the foremost product for skin care routine i.e, Rosewater popularly known as Gulab-jal manufactured by various brands. However, Dabur and Kama Ayurveda are some of the top brands you can go for. You can also prepare gulab-jal(rose water) at home. Recipe is mentioned below.

How to make Rose water at home?

  1. Take some organic rose petals and wash them under a running tap. Lukewarm water is suggested for washing the rose petals. Washing them is important to remove any kind of residue.
  2. Add petals to a pot and cover them up with distilled water. Water should be enough just to cover the petals.
  3. Heat this solution on medium heat for 20-30 minutes till the petals loose their colour and turn into pale pink.
  4. Strain the mixture from petals ad store the water in a spray bottle and you are ready with the DIY rose water.

Benefits of rose water:

  • It helps in toning the skin
  • Acts as an anti-pollution agent
  • Cleanses the skin deep within and closes open pores
  • Also helps in reducing dark circles around eyes
  • Treats blemishes
  • Fights sunburns 
rose tea benefits
rose tea benefits

Rose Tea

Rose tea is a very uncommon spice of which not many people are aware of, but it surely has some wondering effects.

  • Helps in maintaining youthful skin
  • Helps in building a strong immunity system
  • Cures choked throat and fights against pollution
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Regulates irregular menstrual cycles
  • Agent of Vitamin C, helps in hair growth.
  • Aroma helps in releasing anxiety and stress

How to make Rose tea at home?

Take 1-2 cups of fresh, pesticide free roses and 3 cups of water. Boil this in a pan for about five minutes. Pour the mixture into a mug and your rose tea is ready. You can also add honey or another sweetener which is optional. Enjoy your rose tea the way you want.

Rose lip balm

Roses acts as a natural moisturizer. Thus, a rose tinted balm can heal those dry lips easily. Soak some rose petals in honey and apply directly onto your lips and gently massage. This will not only give a natural pink color to your lips but also moisturize them naturally.

  • Helps in lip lightening
  • Rose petal paste with some proportion of water and mixed with sugar acts as a scrub for lips. Can be used for treating harsh lips
  • Rose petal powder

Rose petals when dried under moderate sunlight can be transformed into powder form and used as a facial pack.

  • Helps in treating skin inflammation and sunburn
  • For dry skin- Mix some rose powder with raw milk for a well moisturised smooth skin
  • For Oily skin- Mix some rose powder with yogurt and thus get rid of excessive oil on your skin.
  • For normal skin- Mix the rose powder with water or rose water would be an add on for better skin benefits.

Side effects of roses:

  • An excess of rose tea can cause nausea, vomiting, headache and fatigue.
  • Rose tea is not suggested for pregnant women
  • Rose water has a super cooling effect, so using it too much in winters may give you chill in your spine.
  • Rose hip dust evoke some respiratory allergies so be safe from that.

Adoring those beautiful and delicate fragrances from a thousand of years ago, has been our favourite thing since ages. Roses, the edible flowers have some amazing health and beauty benefits. Relish the beauty benefits of roses – your beloved and most treasured flower.



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