Monk Fruit – Natural Alternative for sugar/stevia

monkfruit - Alternative for sugar
monkfruit - Alternative for sugar

Monk Fruit – Natural Alternative for sugar/stevia

Monk Fruit is a small, green ground fruit resembles a melon. It is very difficult to grow, generally found in South East Asia. This fruit was named after a Buddhist monk who first tasted this fruit in 13th century. The taste of the fruit is not so appealing. Hence, generally used for preparation of medicine and Tea. It has popularly been used in preparation of sweeteners which is through extracts of Monk fruit.

Usage of Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk fruit is a Natural alternative for Sugar. One can use this in the form of Liquid & Powder for preparation of tea/ Coffee/ Sweets/ Mocktails. In short, you can add sweetness in your life by adding just a pinch and that too without having any negative impact on your health.

Facts Sheet :

  • Monk fruit is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar.

  • Zero Calories

  • Zero carbohydrates

  • Zero Sodium

  • Zero Fat

  • Sweeteners made from Monk fruit are classified safe by US – Food & Drug Administration ( FDA)

  • Unlike Stevia it has “NO allergic reaction “

  • No Side effects

  • Safe for Pregnant women

  • Monk fruit has No impact on Blood sugar lever. Hence,completely safe for Diabetic patient

  • Safe for women undergoing menopause



  • Available in Liquid, granule and powder form. Hence, one can use this based on requirement/availability.

  • Safe for children and breast feeding women.

  • According to study conducted on Monk fruit, monk fruit gets its sweetness from antioxidant mogrosides  which may help in reducing oxidative stress.

  • It does not raise the blood sugar level

  • Good for sugar conscious people.

  • Great alternative for people who are on diet or trying hard to come back in shape.


  • Difficult to grow

  • Expensive to import


Monk fruit is available online at, eBay India &

So, People forget side effects of stevia and stop looking for alternative for sugar. Include the healthiest natural sweetener(monk fruit) in your diet today.


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