Why you should know about Night Eating Syndrome

night eating syndrome

Night eating syndrome is a sort of eating disorder which happens due to delay in the circadian pattern of food intake. There is the amount of comorbidity in case of the binge eating disorder. It is different from the process of binge eating. This happens when you don’t take enough food at night or in the evening. By the time it is late in the night you can badly feel the hunger. When you eat at night you lack control and you tend to eat more at night time. This is however, not safe for health. Too much of food intake at the odd times of the day makes you feel uncomfortable and this can be adverse to the health condition.

What is Night Eating?

Night eating is not like binge eating. However, most of the people eating at night are identified as binge eaters. The night eaters in most cases feel that they lack control on the eating pattern and they feel shame in the specific condition. They feel reluctant to tell others that they feel hungry at night. Night eating syndrome can affect more than fifteen percent of the population. The condition is equal and common both in case of the males and the females based on the findings of National Institute of Mental Health.

night eating syndrome signs

Signs of Night Eating syndrome

Here are the possible signs of night eating disorder.

  • With the condition of Night eating syndrome you have the tendency to become obese or over weight.

  • The individual is unable to control the sort of eating tendency or eating behavior.

  • In case, they are not hungry they tend to eat when others are not watching them.

  • They know what they are doing is not right; still they cannot control the tendency at large.

  • People with the syndrome will eat fast and they will eat more when compared to the others

  • Eating at the same time.

  • The individual will go on eating even after they are full.

  • They know that they are eating excessively and for the reason they feel so guilty and shameful and this can often lead to depression.

  • signs of night eating syndrome

Causes of Night Eating

The causes in this case can vary. However, there are several contributing factors in case of Night eating syndrome.

  • At times the college students start eating at night and they cannot control the habit even when they become like working adults.
  • People who remain over busy during the lunch hours will skip meals and then compensate by eating at night. This is however dangerous for health.
  • Some times if you diet strictly at one time you develop the tendency of eating at night. This happens due to both sudden hunger and lack of eating.
  • Some people eat at night because they are stressed and depressed.
  • When you are eating at night you may not be able to socialize properly.
  • People also face problems in managing work responsibility.
  • Night eaters have several hormonal patterns. For this reason the pattern of hunger becomes inverted. This makes them eat when they should not and do not eat when they should.

What to Eat in Night

When you wake up at night and feel hungry you take to beat things that are not good for the health. You open the fridge and take the ice cream scoop and start eating. You feel hungry and thus, you sit before the television with the packet of snacks and keep on eating till the packet is empty. Cakes, biscuits and other sort of oily fast foods are some of the worst items that you tend to eat at night when you feel hungry. These are really bad food choices for the health.

Why Not to eat at Midnight

Most often you tend to eat at late night hours and not at midnight. This is because you are sure to feel sleepy by the time it is midnight. This is the reason you may be working late at night and you keep on eating with the same. Eating and working goes together causes damage to the health.

How to Stop Night Eating

  • Night eating syndrome can be corrected with the help of combination of therapies. Here are some of the ways to help the patients.
  • The treatment starts by educating the patients on the same. They are explained about the condition and this makes them aware of the disorder.
  • The treatment includes therapies and nutrition assessment. There are more things like exercises, physiology and even the application of the cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.
  • There are more things like interpersonal therapy and management of stress.
  • The disorder can even be treated with the help of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Remedies that if practice might work wonders. 

  • This is a noted fact that night eating disorders can well spoil many couples and even to some people who are residing in a hostel. Now for all these people:
  • One must read ample number of books so that the appetite withers away due to the engrossment of the reading habits
  • Consumption of coffee after dinner can well help a person to resolve eating habits at night
  • Yoga can be of best help if a person can practice the same on a regular basis. This would surely formulate the best among all. Finally people can well get relieved from such kind of syndrome. Try it once.

Get a proper counselling with the professional today

For a patient suffering from Night eating syndrome it is important to go through changes in behaviors and beliefs. Once they feel that they don’t have the power to change they will not be able to overcome the state.


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