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Raw Honey (Direct From Bee-Farm)

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Raw unprocessed honey with a promise of purity & nutrients richness.

This honey comes directly from the hives located in Haryana. We do not process this honey it is as natural as it can be unlike sugar syrups you see in the market sold as honey. It has rich taste & fragrance.

It has rich taste & fragrance.Due to more thickness because of its purity & not water content this honey is more dense in weight. You will find this honey rich in bee pollen particles, bee wax, Active Enzymes & other nutrients. We use only sustainable practices to take care of our honey bees.



Raw unprocessed honey with a promise of purity. It is 100 % raw & full of nutrients, digestive enzymes & pollen particles.

Completely unheated & unpasteurised

Unheated honey helps in retaining all the beneficial elements of honey.

Full of nutrients

This honey contains all the nutrients, enzymes, protein & antimicrobial properties which are nonexistant in commercial honey

Sustainable Honey

We use Sustainable & scientific methods while procuring & processing honey.

Usage Tips

Toss a few spoonfuls into smoothies or shakes for a tasty nutrient rich diet.

Don’t heat honey or use it in hot liquid as it will kill all the good things of the honey.

Daily usage of raw honey keeps us healthy & fit.

Additional information

Honey Badger

Pure, raw honey


500 gm, 1 Kg


No Expiry



1 review for Raw Honey (Direct From Bee-Farm)

  1. Chandni (verified owner)

    Its been 30 years, I am buying honey from different brands starting from economical one to the most expensive one.But, I never got an opportunity to taste the kind of honey which I use to eat during my childhood ,which comes directly from our bee hives.. Now after so many years , I experienced the same thing … My throat felt GREAT ! , I could feel as if I am eating something raw and natural…
    Keep doing good job Honey Badger !

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