Nature, benefits and Usage of magic herb – Amba Haldi(raw turmeric)

amba haldi benefits

Amba Haldi or ambiya haldi is also known as kachhi haldi(raw turmeric). It is considered as one of the most vital herbs in the ayurvedic medicinal system. Amba haldi is collected from the eastern Himalayan region. It is reared and cultivated in India to be used in various medicines. Amba Haldi is a seasonal plantation. You get the herb at the time of monsoon. Amba Haldi is extremely beneficial because of its contents. It is absolutely natural and safe for usage.
Amba haldi is anti-inflammatory in nature and the same is known for its antibiotic quality. In
Pakistan and India, haldi is mainly used for skin smoothening and skin perfection. The haldi smells like mango and it has a close relation with the ginger root.

Here is the list of Amba Haldi benefits:

  1. Amba Haldi helps in healing throat infections. It helps in treating tracheobronchial and nasal congestion.
  2. The haldi is mainly used as an appetizer.
  3. It is antipyretic and aphrodisiac in nature and for this reason, it is used in healing skin diseases.
  4. The wild form of amba haldi is used for skin care treatment.
  5. Amba Haldi helps in maintaining proper health of our digestive system and stomach related health.
  6. Right solution to relieve hiccups
  7. Amba haldi(raw turmeric) is a blood revitalizing agent. It helps in purifying blood by eliminating toxins from our body.
  8. The haldi comes with perfect antimicrobial and anti-oxidant qualities.
  9. Amba haldi helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  10. In Chinese medicine, it is known for treating several forms of cancer. However, there is little evidence regarding the effectiveness of the herb in treating dangerous ailments.

raw turmeric juice

Nutritional Value of Amba Haldi

Amba Haldi is a fine herb. It is a form of spice used in cookery. Due to its nutritional qualities, it can be used in various recipes. This is the herb to be used in order to cook healthier diet. The inclusion of Amba Haldi in food can cause prevention of illness. This is the right herbal medicine to relieve conditions of a sore throat and cough. The haldi is also used in the making of pickles.

Amba Haldi is rich in nutritional qualities for the presence of contents like vitamin A, curcumin, fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals.
The form of haldi is a blood revitalizing agent. It helps in the removal of lipids from the blood and can even regulate the platelets thereby preventing blood clots.

amba haldi paste

Various Uses of Amba Haldi

  • You can collect 2 to 3 grams of the rhizome of Amba Haldi and mix it well in a glass of buttermilk. The consumption of the same will help relieve conditions of indigestion. It can even cause improvement in appetite and taste.
  • Make a paste out of Amba Haldi rhizome and apply the same on the affected joint areas. This can help in treating unnecessary swelling and localized pain.
  • You can make a juice of the rhizome of Amba Haldi and a dosage of 10 ml of the juice can cure the problem of intestinal worms.
  • Take 5 to 10 ml of raw turmeric(amba haldi) juice and mix it well with little honey for the treatment of a cough and asthma.
  • The paste of Amba Haldi can help you have relief from skin irritations. You can even apply the paste on wounds for the faster healing of the condition.
  • Rhizomes of raw turmeric(amba haldi) are used in the preparation of soups and pickles.
    raw turmeric(amba haldi) is also used as a flavoring agent in several dishes.

kachi haldi drink

Side Effects of Amba Haldi(kachi haldi)

Till date, no adverse effects are known in the usage of Amba Haldi. It is a completely natural herb which can help in the process of revitalization and rejuvenation.

Concluding Facts

The rhizome of amba haldi is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is aromatic and it is the best astringent for the skin. The taste of the rhizome is bitter. For this, it has to be mixed with other ingredients for the purpose of consumption. It is also the right component to be used in the treatment of sprains and bruises. It can even help in curing joint pains and the rest of the other discomforts. The recommended dosage of the same is 2 to 4 grams of dried rhizome. The same is also used for the reason of external application.


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