Try the amazing mood uplifter – Butterfly pea Tea

Butterfly pea Tea

Want to uplift your mood? Try CLITORIA also known as butterfly pea, Blue Pea, Darwin Pea. Butterfly pea tea is commonly found in tropical equatorial Asia which includes: Indonesia and Malaysia. Flower of this vine gives a beautiful sex appeal as it look like a human female genital. It has deep blue color and is also available in white color. This flower is widely used in Malaysia for preparation of sweet kuih also called Kue in Indonesia. Above this, butterfly pea is also used in Singapore and Malaysia to make sticky rice which adds a vibrant blue color to the food which not only enhance the beauty of the cuisine, but adds nutrition to it.
Clitoria or butter pea is widely available and acceptable flavor in beverages. With the increasing health awareness one can try its infusion by simply adding its petal at home or in workplace to relax oneself. With its growing demand café and tea houses are coming up with their new flavor introducing butter tea as their main ingredient or flavor.

Why butterfly Pea?
1. Market is full of green tea variants and oolongs so it’s time to taste something vibrant:  Blue health drink.
Deep blue color of Butter pea helps body to absorb Anthocyanin nutrients which in high amount is
available in blue and purple color.
2. Anthocyanin nutrient present in blue color food helps in keeping cancer at bay. So, it is a good source to
prevent cancer.
3. . Anthocyanins is rich in antioxidants which keeps risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, macular
degeneration and memory problems at bay.
4. Clitoria/ butterfly pea is a great source to keep skin rashes / skin sensitivity at bay
5. Skin the largest organ in human body has great risk from Sun UV rays, which is commonly causing skin
cancer an d pigmentation. With daily consumption of butterfly pea may reverse pigmentation to some
6. Antioxidants rich food helps in maintaining youthfulness and prevents pre mature aging. So, this is what
Clitoria promise to do.
7. It has anti-inflammatory property. Hence, helps in minimizing fatigue.
8. Extract of clitoria is widely recommended to correct cataract and other eye ailment.
9. It is an excellent source to improve healthy hair growth.
10. One can bring twist in beverages made from butterfly tea. Add lemon it will turn purple. For more twist
tonic water can be added. This will change its colour from deep blue to soothing pink.

How to enjoy butterfly pea?
Butterfly pea can be enjoyed hot and cold. Yes, it’s all season beverage!! From tea to mocktails it can be used
in anyway.
How to make butterfly pea tea?
– Boil the water approximately 70- 80 degree C
– Pour it in your favorite mug.
– Infuse butterfly tea dry flowers for 1-2 minutes
– Take out the infuser
– Add lemon for more health benefits. ( Good source of vitamin C )

– May add honey, incase wants to enhance its taste. ( prefer not to add honey)
– Enjoy your soothing deep rich blue tea!!

Excess of butterfly pea tea may affect health hence, pregnant women and breast feeding women should keep a check on their consumption level.

Where to buy?
Butterfly pea is easily available in tea bags and dry leaves form at your local herbal store. In case of difficulty one may buy online from Amazon.


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