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Untouched Purity

Zero Additives

Honest Assurance

Purily Raw


of Multiflora Honey

Natural Energy Booster

Natural energy booster for your active lifestyle

Active Enzymes for Digestion

Only Raw honey contains active enzymes that promote better digestion

Micronutrients for full nutrition

amino acids ,different minerals, vitamins & antioxidants that aids in overall nutrition


Ankita Mondal

This raw honey reminds me of the honey my grandmother used to get from the local farms. Pure, rich, and absolutely delightful!

Vinay Malik

Not just tasty, it’s been great for my health too. A spoonful every day has made a noticeable difference in my energy levels

Rajiv Bhatt

Added this honey to my morning chai, and it's a game-changer. The natural flavor enhances my tea like never before

Yogesh bhardwaj

As someone mindful about health, this raw honey is a blessing. It's pure and you can taste the quality in every drop

madhu verma

I've been using this honey in my herbal tea for its soothing effect on the throat. It's been incredibly effective and delicious.

key ingredients


Just Raw Honey & nothing else.

We keep it real by keeping it raw. Our honey crystallizes because that’s what natural honey does. It’s a sign of purity and the untouched glory of nature's sweetest work.

suitable for

All men, women and children can consume Raw Honey. Not recommended for infants.

how to use

STEP 1: Breakfast Romance
Drizzle. Mix. Revel. Whether you're jazzing up your morning toast or sweetening a cup of tea, our honey is a dollop of nature’s best. Use it boldly, in all your culinary escapades.
STEP 2: Healthy Substitute
Replace your sugar in Lassi, Kheer, desi sweets & what not
STEP 3: Make healthy tastier
Add it in you bowl of Salads, cereals, or oatmeal. fun fact: it is yummy with roti too.


Is there any added sugar, preservatives or colour in this honey?
There is no added sugar, preservatives or any colour in our honey.
Why is there a colour change in different batches of Honey?
The colour change in Honey is completely natural. It can vary based on flowers which the bees feed on and period of storage. We do not add any colorants to modulate this natural change in colour and bring to you honey directly from the forests.
Why does the honey crystallize?
Crystallization is honey’s natural process of preserving itself. Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time due to change in temperature with no effect on honey’s taste, quality or nutritional values. Place your honey in hot water (do not microwave) to get back the original color and texture.
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Why fitbyfood?

Desi Purity

We standby & for only one thing Purity & honesty in anything we sell.

Ethical Essence

Committed to honest practices

Rooted Goodness

Traditional harvest, Old values & modern style

Natural Ingredients Only

Sourced in small batches, handpicked one by one



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Fitbyfood Raw Honey (Madhu)
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70 x 70 x 130
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24 months
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E-517, III F, Rohit Plaza, Sec-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-75, India
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E-517, III F, Rohit Plaza, Sec-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-75, India
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Multiflora honey

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Multiflora honey
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