Raw & Purest Honey Straight from the hives

Are you a lover of everything natural & pure?? You’re in the right hands. Honey Badger is one of the purest raw kinds of honey with no processing or filtration to keep natural enzymes, Pollen,minerals, amino acids, propolis etc which you won’t find in commercialized honey as is heated & filtered to maintain texture.

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With the sole aim to provide the best and the most natural form of raw honey,Honey Badger Came into existence. I myself am a lover of natural & pure things but when I saw that raw/pure honey that we buy isn’t really pure or raw rather just a sweet syrup because all its enzymes, nutrients, pollen, vitamins etc is burnt when commercialized honey is heated & filtered. I started as with a mission & belief to only provide the best & raw honey to all the natural & purity loving people. We have our own hives, we do all the packaging, production and delivery of the honey to you. The honey is completely pure, unfiltered & raw with all the all natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, texture etc. Plus, we ensure sustainable and responsible honey production by taking care of our bees all year round. Basically we keep our bees as our bae’s 🙂 Rest assured, when you are buying honey from us, you are getting the best honey in the market.

Why Choose Us

Purity & providing top quality honey is our commitment. Our honey is unheated & unprocessed which keeps all the important enzymes, nutrients & other beneficial things of honey unlike other commercialized honey brands.

Our honey is very sustainable & healthy because of the utmost care and scientific approach we use to procure our honey & nurture our little minions(honey bees). Our scientific & sustainable beekeeping practices keeps us, our lovely honeybees & you happy.

Our Raw-Honey

  • Contains pollen
  • Has many vitamins and nutrients
  • Crystallize for sure
  • Contains Active enzymes

Processed Honey

  • Contains no pollen
  • Contains no enzymes
  • Doesn't crystallize
  • Not Healthy

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