Our Story

It all started in 2007 when I was a passionate marathon runner and then someone introduced me to bees and beekeeping. I gave it a try and went to his bees farm every weekend but then as fate had it the bee love stung me and I started my own bee farm with 50 bee colonies. Due to inexperience and hard luck my bee colonies were reduced to just 10 from 50 bee colonies. After a lot of experiments and knowledge from experienced bee keepers we were on to our business. During this time only I came to understand the adulterations in honey and the bad business that was carried on by traders and even bigger brands. We started to package our own produce and people really like it. interestingly I have good number of people who love our raw honey some of them are bee keeping scientists, professors, housewives etc.Unlike eveyone in the industry, this brand is built on sentiments such as passion and commitment to provide only the best quality honey to our customers. We now have a network of beekeepers who share same values and dedication to provide best quality.

Made by the bees

Completely natural honey made by the bees without any adulteration which you can tell by tasting it

Purest & Unfiltered

Our honey is raw, unprocessed, unfiltered and completely pure. the only processing we do is just strain the honey with a cotton cloth

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