Homemade Lip Balm with bee wax

Hello Beautiful people, We all have used lip balms but one thing I focus on is why they all use petroleum gelly as a base and even more frustrating is that they don’t use natural ingredients as something primary but use natural ingredients just for the cover. Today We will today give you step by step process to make homemade lip balm with bee wax as base.

Ingredients list:

  1. Bee wax
  2. Shea butter
  3. Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil
  4. Extra virgin cold pressed sweet almond oil
  5. Wheat germ oil
  6. Raw honey

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Complete Process:

Take one big steel container and another steel container half the size so that it can be put inside the bigger steel container. Pour water in the container and let the water heat. After some time put the small container in the big container containing water. The objective of this exercise is to give indirect heat to out ingredients.  Now put 100 gms of bee wax in the small container and wait for some time to get it dissolved.

After the bee wax gets completely into liquid form then put 30gm each of shea butter and coconut oil. Now add 10 gms each of wheat germ oil, raw honey and  almond oil. Stir this mixture thoroughly until everything is mixed evenly.

Take out the small steel container and let it reach room temperature.

taadaa…. your bee wax is ready. You can add a pinch of turmeric or saffron in to give your lip balm color.

Do let us know in comments how it went and share your pictures with us at fitbyfood.in@gmail.com


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