Why should we buy from fitbyfood

Our bees:

Lets start with our lovely bees, Once we finalize the location of the flora where nectar is available and bees can happily produce good quality honey we take our bee colonies to the area. We assess the queen bee and other bee’s health andĀ  make sure there is no disease then we leave it up to the bees to do their thing.

Once our bees have filled the combs and weather is supportive then the honey is ready to be extracted.


This is where we extract honey from the frames/honey combs. We use only stainless steel extraction machine to avoid any chemical reaction with honey. The honey is then stored in food grade plastic drums to further keep it chemical free but most honey(at least in north India) is stored in tins which changes the color and medicinal value of the honey.

Finally every batch is tested in labs for purity. Finally every batch of of honey is packed in bottles. The only processing we do with our honey is filter the raw honey with a cotton/muslin cloth because we would like to provide unprocessed, unfiltered & completely natural honey to our customers.


We use glass bottles sourced from local vendors to support them and glass bottles ensure quality of honey intact. We pack and package our bottles ourselves for quality control purpose.

In conclusion, We can say that when you are buying honey from us you can be sure of the best quality honey with no processing at all.

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