Myths about home testing of honey

A simple google search will give your more than 100 articles/videos that CLAIM to tell you “homemade honey testing” techniques. Well, let me break the ice here, all these testing have no scientific basis are are completely bogus. let me further break it down for you below will facts about raw honey being a fellow beekeeper and honey enthusiast:


Honey Dissolvability test:

Myth: Most common honey test recommended by people with limited knowledge claim that when put honey in water then real honey will not dissolve in water instantly and will settle at the surface.

Fact: Dissolvability of honey is purely dependent on the moisture content of the honey which again varies in every variety/flora of honey. Honey having more than 18% moisture content will look look thinner and will dissolve easily.:

Fun Fact: Most common adulterant is molasses which have a property of not getting dissolved in water very easily.

The Flame or burn test:

Myth: In this test it is said to dip honey on cotton ball and burn it. If it burns then honey is pure otherwise honey is impure.

Fact: Again, If any real honey has more moisture content or honey is unripe then it will not burn and that does not make it a unpure honey.

Fun fact: The thick adulterants used in adulteration of honey also pass the fmale or burn test.

Honeycomb patterns in honey:

Myth: The most absurd myth where it is told to  put honey in glass and pour water then, shake the water clockwise or anti-clockwise then pure honey will form honeycomb shape.

Fact: There is not a single scientific study that supports this which makes it totally absurd way of testing raw honey.

Fun fact: Any thick liquid substance will form a shape similar to the test mentioned.

Thumb Test:

Myth: It is said that if you put honey on your thumb and if honey spreads or spills then it is not pure honey.

Fact: This test can only differentiate between thick and thinner honey only and nothing else.

Fun Fact: All the adulterants in honey are thick that will easily pass this test.

Ant or dog test:

Myth: It is believed that ants or dogs will never eat real honey.

Fact: It is a laughable test because ants will eat anything that is sweet and any hungry dog will eat honey without any problem.

Fun Fact: In some countries dogs are fed honey to keep them healthy.

Bread spread or absorption test:

Myth: It is said that real honey will not be absorbed on a bread or bloating paper.

Fact: Again, honey with high moisture content will be absorbed.

Fun Fact: Sophisticated honey adulterants like corn syrup, rice syrup or high fructose syrups easily pass this test.

Crystallization test:

Myth: It is said that real honey will not crystallize not even in refrigerator.

Fact: Crystallization of honey is completely natural and normal. In fact, crystallized honey is a indication of real raw honey.

Fun Fact: Major adulterants in honey will not crystallize in refrigerator. Also, More than 80% of honey produced in India crystallize naturally. Commercial honey is ultra filtered and heated above 80 degree Celsius to avoid crystallization of honey but this process kill all the nutrients, active enzymes and pollen particles from honey which makes it nothing more than a sugar syrup.

At Last, we would like to tell you that unfortunately there is not quick test to identify purity of honey.

Good Fake or adulterated honey are made to copy the looks and feel of real honey so its very difficult to differentiate between real and fake honey.

Do look at CSE India’s “HoneyGate” where they tested honey of top Indian honey brands where all of them passed in Indian FSSAI parameters and failed miserably in NMR test done in germany.

Well, Finally I would like to suggest you to buy only from a local beekeeper or a small brand that works directly with beekeepers or honey hunters and not just some photo brand. We at fitbyfood have been in the beekeeping from past three years now and work only with beekeepers that share same values and ethics as us. We are commited to provide best quality honey to our customers.

Be healthy Eat healthy. ciao

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